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Use a headphone, lie down and enjoy!!!

Love, Gerri

Hi there, it’s great that you’ve decided to listen to this relaxation exercise powered by Yoga under Construction. My name is Gerri and i will coach you every step along the way into relaxation. So find your way onto the floor into a lying position. Move a little bit to get as comfortable as possible. Put your arms beside your body to rest on the floor with your palms up. Make sure your legs are seperated and let your feet relax, close your eyes. Make your next inhale a bit bigger and breath softly out with an ‘fff’ sound. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. If you want to; repeat one more time. Let your breath flow naturally.

Move your attention to your feet, feel them from within and make them heavy. Calves loose and heavy. Move your attention to your upper legs. They feel loose and heavy. Notice that both legs are getting heavier. You don’t have to do anything. Just observe. Move your attention to your back. Let your back sink further into the ground. Move your attention to your hands and fingers. Let go completely. Release the tension of your shoulders. Your whole body is getting heavier, allow the feeling of relaxation. Move your attention to your head, neck completely relaxed. Jaws seperated, soft lips. Your eyes are closed as soft as possible, no tension at all. Let the eyes sink and become still, no movement. Follow your breath all the way towards your belly. From your belly follow your breath out through your nose. Go on, keep following your breath. Focus your attention fully on the breath. Feel your body expand on your inhale and become soft when you exhale. Imagine your inhale goes even further towards your feet. Continue to follow the breath. Your feet are warm. Observe and feel your whole body. Feel your whole body as one.

Reach out in your mind to the world around you. Go with your attention to the room where you are right now and imagine vividly what’s there, the colors, the scent, shapes and sounds. Imagine everything around you. Take your attention further and further out of the room. Become aware of your surrounding; the landscape, the houses, roads, fields, trees, animals and humans. Just observe and become aware of the feeling. At the same time you become aware that you are somewhere on the ground, on the Earth in the middle of it all. Warm and comfortable. Your whole body is resting on the Earth. You don’t have to do anything. You can completely relax. Your body feels heavy. It is so heavy that it sinks a little bit in to the Earth. Feel how the earth supports your body. Try to imagine that you are becoming more and more a part of the Earth. Feel the breeze, softly stroking your skin. Imagine the Sun is warming you. Feel the heat on your skin. You don’t have to do anything at all. You don’t have to judge, nothing at all.

Feel the energy of the Earth; stability, strength, but also simplicity and power. At any moment you need the force of the Earth you can go back to the energy you experience right now. Feel the effect of it all . Take it all-in.

Very slowly, shift your attention from your internal space back into your physical body. You are now totally present at the place where you started this exercise. So, in your mind see yourself lying on the floor. Feel the clothes on your body. Breathe deeply in and out a few times.

Bring movement, rolling your wrist and ankles, turning your head from side to side. Maybe stretch overhead, breathe in and energize your body with oxygen, then let it go slowly and when you are ready, curl up, roll up into a seated position. Take a deep effortless breath in and out.

Thank you for joining and you can do the exercise again whenever you need some Earth power. Have a nice day. Namaste

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