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Durf te vergeten,
de herinnering beperkt 
je in het heden.
Durf te vergeten,
zoals een kind;
alleen maar nu.
Durf te vergeten,
zodat je dromen kunt 
van nieuwe avonturen.
Durf te vergeten,
zodat het leven
je iets nieuws kan leren.

Geschreven door Gerri Douw oprichtster Yoga under Construction
There is no left or right,
only the centre exists.
There is no right or wrong,
just practise over and over again.
There is no limit on time,
let the pose express.
There is no plan,
adapt to the movement.
There is no limit,
only a perfect body.
There is no destination,
let's go on an adventure.
This is yoga to me.

Written by Gerri Douw founder of Yoga under Construction
To find your destiny
Your purpose
Your true nature
To find a different way of life
They will not understand
They will not follow
They will not seek
To know you were once, one of them
To know how it feels to not know your destiny
To know it was once impossible
To have come to the conclusion that it could not be done in this lifetime
To settle, no achievement, just enjoy life
How foolish I have been
How foolish I have been to restrict myself for living up to my full potential
To find that you are no longer one of them
To find that you will never return
To find that you belong right where you are
Destined to be unlimited

Written by Gerri Douw founder of Yoga under Construction
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