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Yoga under Construction, the place to be in Groningen for Yoga and Pilates! We have a lot of international members and we will translate in English when necessary =) Yoga under Construction provides you quality time to spend on yourself. A moment to breathe and relax, so you can move forward in life.


Hatha Yoga is a calming type of yoga, which focuses on relaxation. We pay a lot of attention to the movement of your breath. The class isn’t about performance, it is about what feels right for you and to maintain your personal balance in every posture. This class is suitable for everyone.


Dynamic Flow takes you on a journey through a balanced combination of movements of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Dynamic Flow is all about improving your posture, flexibility, static strength, coordination, and balance. For the first time, it can challenge you a bit… Just like riding a bike for the first time in Groningen; you will become familiar with it 😉


The philosophy of Pilates; ‘when the core of the body is strong, the whole body benefits from it’. You’ll train your muscles by practising stretching and strengthening exercises. By moderate, controlled movements and adjustable intensity, anyone can participate in a Pilates class.


Yin Yoga helps you release tension. Its calm and pleasant character reduces stress and allows you to recharge with invigorating energy. The focus is on stretching connective tissue while you stay in a relaxed pose. Because connective tissue has a rigid structure, you stay in a position a little longer so that the stretch can gradually develop. The exercises are very easy to follow.

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