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Guided Meditation | Relaxation Exercise | Smile With Your Heart

Guided Meditation | Relaxation Exercise | Smile with your Heart

Welcome to this joyful exercise powered by Yoga under Construction. You can choose whether you want to do the relaxation exercise seated or lying down on your back. To exclude any distraction, I recommend you to listen to the exercise with earplugs or a headphone. Make sure you are in a room with a comfortable temperature.
Move yourself into a comfortable position. Make your spine as long as possible and let your weight sink into the floor beneath you. Bring your attention to your face: loosen your jaw, let the eyes relax. The eyes are softly closed. Let any tensions slide off your face and make a friendly expression. Let the inhale be as long as the exhale. And let all the effort go.
Can you remember a situation in which you had a sense of freedom, where your heart opened up and a bright smile appeared upon your face? For example, in a situation with friends or alone, a special place, or when you heard beautiful music. Go back to the feeling it gave you and fill your whole heart with it. Send yourself a loving smile. Normally we send a smile outward, to other people. Direct this energy towards yourself and give yourself a warm smile.
First send your smile towards your heart and feel free and open in this area. Let your chest relax by the warm devotion of your smile. Go deeper and send your smile to your belly. Create a free, but loving contact with your stomach and your pelvis. The smile moves all the way down to your feet. Imagine you can smile with the soles of your feet. Move your attention to your hands. Let there also emerge a smile. Maybe there is another place in your body that can use a smile, send one towards that area. Let the smiling spread all over your body. Experience the thrill. Return to your heart. Feel the space in your chest, stay open. A blasting from within. Finally feel your entire body. What has changed by the exercise? Make your next breath longer and move gently with your body. And gradually free yourself from the posture.

And remember: Smile. You have every right to do so. Namasté.

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